I’ve Got a Case of the Shingos

It’s US Open (golf) time, so of course, in the grand tradition of danrubenstein.com, it’s time for your Shingo update:

Shingo Katayama is tied for 26th (at this time), and is at +6, which is respectable for Oakmont, a supposed difficult course.

Yesterday, he didn’t wear his usual “cowboy-style hat,” but today he has kicked it up a notch, and is wearing a pink cowboy hat on the course. I’m not at all kidding. The above picture was from earlier today. Awesome.

I believe he is wearing this particular chapeau to confuse and frustrate his many opponents. Either that, or he’s totally into pink cowboy hats, which in a word, would be “unexpected.”

I really know nothing about Shingo, I like his name, his hatwear (word?), his aggressive play, and his celebrations. If I were to guess purely based on unfair stereotypes of male Japanese athletes, I would also assume he’s way into porn.

Thanks Hideki Matsui, for giving male Japanese athletes a reputation as being totally and completely obsessed with watching and collecting porn.

(I love that I can now say that I Googled “Hideki Matsui, porn.”)

We will update his (golfing) status as it develops.

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