Hey Nowwwwww

Woops, here are some bullets.

• I’ve been watching The Larry Sanders Show like a madman. A best of DVD was just released, but I’d rather plow my way through an entire series, so I found it online and am in the middle of season four. Basically, it’s Curb before there was Curb, and yes, Larry’s ass is looking fat.

• Yesterday, I was behind Pancho Hodges at the dry cleaners. Of course I would have no idea what his name was (he gave it when he gave them his clothes) or what he did (thank you IMDB), but now I’m aware of Poncho Hodges existance and the mark he has left on this world.

Tony Yuen visited LA and I had the honor of having not one, but two meals with him. I won’t get into specifics, but I now know the intimate details of his ideal potential threesome (something involving a Scandinavian woman). What I’m saying is the man deserves a talk show, that’s what.

Big Boi as a comedy superstar!!! Seriously, look no further as to why TV is infinitely better than movies now. Don Michael Paul should be jailed.

• Last weekend, I went to the converted 7-11 Kwik-E-Mart on Sepulveda and Venice with ol’ buddy Adam “Miller Time” Miller. We got pink frosted donuts, squishees, Buzz Cola cans, and I got a Duffman bobblehead. We waited in line for the privilege to buy these lovely promotional items, proving once and for all, that I have no common sense.

• Also, I went boogie boarding with Yackie, her friend Shanananaononanaonaon, her boyfriend, and his friend. The waves seemed decent (but really, what do I know?), I had a few rides that weren’t terribly unsuccessful, and got tossed and tumbled enough so that I had seawater dripping out of nose six hours later. Success!

• I’m moving far away soon. I think. Maybe. Probably. Tentatively.

• Apparently, Sully also has been boogie boarding somewhat, but he will still be known to most as the 6th fastest member of the Oregon Running Club, waves be damned.

Big Daddy Eisner is now a suit, at least for the summer.

• I’m thoroughly dominating The World Series of Pop Culture, save for some 80s lyrical questions. Next year is my year, provided K Diddy agrees to put himself through his personal horror of appearing in front of the camera. Given that he was barely able to say some words on camera when 30 people were watching in the Oregon Journalism School, I can’t really see him volunteering to go national on Video Hits One.

• I started out kind of liking John from Cincinnati, although now I’m at the point where I feel like the only thing worse would be adding Big Boi to the cast. Strangely and pretty suddenly unwatchable.

Picture posts coming soon.

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4 Comments on “Hey Nowwwwww”

  1. In Denial Says:

    moving far away??? nahhhh…

  2. Diddy Says:

    I thought it was on for this season. Poser.

  3. Miller Time Says:

    wow i made THE danrubenstein.com…does this make me famous?

  4. bde Says:

    what happened to this website?

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