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Wha? Monday Bullets?

December 17, 2007


You got it Chachi. You got it.

• I’m watching House right now and it’s pretty good. Hugh Laurie is fairly strong but I’m not so crazy about the supporting cast. I guess it’s pretty much the Cleveland Cavaliers of the Fox drama department.

• Last night, I went back to Don Antonio’s (yes, the Don Antonio’s) with Yackie, Sully, and KtL. Last time we went was the day UCLA embarrassed themselves in the Final Four this past March. Sully wound up likewise embarrassing himself when he got conquered by the Chicken Super Burrito ($10.75). Fast forward to yesterday, all remained similar (save for Yackie getting an enchilada this time) and Sully managed to at least stay awake through dessert, albeit in a pompous, over-the-top fashion. I have no idea if he fell asleep during the car ride home with KtL, and I don’t know if we’ll ever know. God Speed, Sully, God Speed.

Oregon lost to Nebraska. Tajuan Porter, had an unreal game, but couldn’t make a free throw. I don’t like where this season is heading if the Ducks can’t make defensive stops, hit free throws, and get controlled play from the point guard position, they’ll be sixth-ish in the Pac-10 instead of second-ish, where they should be. Blech.

• Had a downright tasty lunch with old buddy RPT (she’s not old, although I’m pretty sure older than I am), visiting from Portland. I ate with her and her friends she was visiting at Canter’s. It was pretty uneventful (I went with the standard CB Sand), other than a fire truck and ambulance sitting outside the restaurant to take somebody away. Not all that surprising – Canter’s skews anything but young.

Andrew Bynum‘s arms look to be about nine feet long. He looks to be pretty good at basketball. Woo.

• It’s college football recruiting season, which, of course, brings out the recruiting uber-nerd in me. I won’t go into any detail that will at some point incriminate me (and there are many far worse than I), but the Ducks’ class appears to be coming together quite nicely. You’re bored, I’m moving on.

American Gangster is pretty good, not great, though.

• The season two highlight reel of the CFTG I believe should be up on SI and my site in the near future. You won’t believe all the nudity, A-list celebrities, and rampant drug use that’s included. Mostly because it’s not in there.

• The season four Lost trailer looks awesome. Crazy Asian guy from Uncle Junior’s nursing home on The Sopranos? Check. The guy who played Eugene from Eugene, OR from Rescue Dawn? Check. More of the Jack beard? Check. I’m jazzed. Ok, I’ll never say “jazzed” again.

• I just downloaded the CTU phone ringing sound as a new ringtone for my iPhone. I won’t lie, I’m pretty excited.

More later this week. Yes….more!!


Homeboy Phone Home

April 11, 2007

Hey guess what? Ernie Kent will be back next year and every year thereafter until at least 2012*.

*unless of course he quits or gets fired.

I’ve always been sort of back and forth – happy when things are good, disappointed when things are down (so I clearly have a credible opinion), but you have to give the extension when he gets a program to two Elite Eights in five years. It puts the Ducks with a little over a dozen other teams and it would’ve been beyond difficult to let a guy go after this year’s success, as well as convince a new coach that his job won’t always be in danger, no matter the success. So that’s that.

• The finale of Friday Night Lights was good, albeit predictable and somwhat cliched. They pulled out all the stops (including both a trick play AND a slow clap). That said, it’s still solidly in the ol’ Top 5. They key to this show, if you’re planning on catching up, is to suspend all disbelief and all that you know logically know to be true about football. There are endless inconsistencies and situations that are not at all dealt with realistically, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s entertaining, they talk football broadly, but at the same time, accurately enough, it’s well cast, and it just feels like it’s of higher quality than almost every other show. I don’t know, I just like it.

Brett Tomko pitched for the Dodgers last night…and dominated. What?

• Apparently, Don Imus is still alive. Who knew? Funny how when he starts getting accused of being a racist, the cowboy hat mysteriously disappears. Every now and then I’ll flip to MSNBC when he’s on, and honestly, I catch only about one of every nine words. It’s amazing that people can hear through the warbling.

• I’ve been voting for Sanjaya, but just after I know the show’s over. Of course, now I find out that there’s some girl who’s getting increasingly naked(er) every week. The face leaves something to be desired, but wow am I gonna miss her all of the sudden.

The other thing I noticed last night is that four of the songs sung last night weren’t the same song. Isn’t it sort of insulting to Latin music that it can only be represented by Gloria Estefan? Sure, it’s good for her and her jet-ski enthusiast husband, but nobody in 20 years is going to know what the hell you’re talking about if you reference the Miami Sound Machine.

• I need a haircut.

• I haven’t seen 24 in two weeks and I’m not even itching for it at all. Sully and Big Daddy Eisner seem interested, but ehhhhhhhh.

• Eisner wants one of those colorful poofy hoodies that your favorite hip-hopper wears. If you know of where to get one inexpensively, please alert me immediately.

• Just in case it needs clarification, I have my regular phone AND my homebody phone. I hope this clears everything up.

I’m in need of mental preparation before tonight’s Lost. I must prepare myself to be both intrigued and disappointed all at the same time. Such is life when you’re a shot caller, such is life.

Qtr Fnls

March 8, 2007

Chuck’ll have to wait, today I made it on over to Staples Center for the quarterfinals/first round of the Pac-10 Tournament. I was there for OregonArizona, but my ticket was a session pass so I hung around for half of the UCLA game too. Oregon killed the Wildcats and their awesome tight jerseys. Tajuan Porter shot lights out, Joevan Catron played well off the bench, Maarty Leunen was hitting, Aaron Brooks made it rain (the good way…actually, both ways are good), and the Wildcats were generally a terrible basketball team. Rah rah. I took some photographs.

The Staples Cente. If nothing else, I knew a crappy fast food lunch would be at least $12.

Our seats. Around the time I took this picture, Malik Hairston was introduced as Arizona’s small forward before the PA guy quickly changed the subject and told the crowd to rise for the national anthem. I have no idea where the PA guy was calling the game from, but you could feel the tension from Section 206.

At halftime, we decided to move to an open cluster of seats in the Duck section. I came up with several options as to how to get past an usher and the ol’ standby of pretending like we were angry and distracted as we walked into a way better section worked pretty well, with the usher only telling us not to walk on the catwalk, but to use the aisles instead. I feel no remorse, probably because I’ve been hardened by the mean streets of Bell Canyon, CA.

The Duck section. I’m not really sure why I took this picture, possibly because one of the UCLA fans looked like Turtle from Entourage, but only if Turtle had a less than subtle mancrush on Josh Shipp. Also, older men wearing ridiculous Nike Oregon hats with neon yellow is weirdly entertaining.

Oregon moves to the court during timeouts and sits on little stools. This isn’t confirmed, but I’ve heard that the reason they do this is that so the starters can shine the coaches’ shoes while they draw up plays. This is the only explanation for the mini-stools I can think of, and don’t worry, I thought about it during every break today.

The Arizona cheerleaders. As you may remember, we have a history. I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say I now have an overpriced Arizona Cheer calendar that’s signed by at least four members of the squad. Yeah.

Closer look.

What I do know, is that pictures are way better when you have a faux-hawk in the foreground. WAY better.

The Ducks won, but that didn’t stop these three guys from looking like they were about to get their fingers cut off with a cigar cutter. Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop…

After the game, the team just sort of meanered back into the crowd like it was an 8th grade game. Of course, Adam Zahn sat a couple rows ahead of me. He proceeded to immediately foul everyone in our section.

Luckily, I was able to grab a shot of him eating…NACHOS!!!! The money shot!! US Weekly will be buying this bad boy for sure. Seriously, where else are you going to get a shot of a terribly inefficient backup power forward eating overpriced arena nachos? Where, I ask, where???

Aaron Brooks with his baby. This shot’s gotta be good for at least half of what Suri Cruise pictures got, right? He seemed like a careful father, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about the sloppy dribbling at the end of games last year. This is why I’m strange.

Champ Oguchi in the headband. I’m not sure if he’s made a shot since last March. Don’t worry, though, next year he’ll go crazy against UC Irvine, and all will be well again.

Maarty leaving. I can’t get over the fact that he’s got a backpack like that on him. This was exactly what I looked like (minus being 6’9″ and a Division I athlete) after a game in 7th grade. All that’s needed is a 2,4,6,8 chant and some orange slices to complete the ensemble.

(Pictured to the side is Big Ray Schafer, whose game comprises of strangely agile reverse layups, above average no-look passes, and NOTHING ELSE.)

(Also, Maarty Leunen’s mom (not pictured) wrote “Maarty 10” with Shaarpie on her shirt. It was haphazard, somewhat sloppy, and frankly, embarrassing. Basketball moms are the best.

Games are better when your team wins, so let this be a word of advice, buy tickets to games where your team plays the University of Arizona in basketball. You’ll leave with a smile.

Take that, Sully.

Hey, I have a computer again.

February 27, 2007

• Can’t say it’s fun to have your power supply fry up and not have a computer for two days. Luckily it all seems better now. I was almost sure I was going to drop my computer in the middle of the mall on my way to the Apple Store. Now that it’s sitting safely on my desk receiving this blog post, I can say with about 92% certainty that I won’t drop it.

• This past weekend was Ventura with Yackie (this is how it sounds when I say her name now, I’m going with the soft Js and there’s little you can do to stop me), where I rode a funny looking four-wheeled low bike, drank some beer, watched Oregon beat those damn dirty dogs on giant flat screen in a sports bar (Yackie complained zero times, not counting the complaints re: the price of mixed drinks), saw some whales after getting kind of queasy, ate some In N Out, and drove back. All in all, it was eventful, and there’ll be captioned pictures shortly.

• I’m writing a short thing for Deadspin about Oregon basketball for their NCAA Tournament Preview (as you may have seen young Charlie Vidal mention in the comments). That should be up Sunday, maybe Monday, who knows. For reading and commenting on this site, though, Charlie Vidal is both a gentleman and a scholar.

Tommy Lasorda was named by a madam to be a client in her hooker ring. I’m skeptical, disgusted, and curious all at the same time. Hopefully he didn’t mention pasta sauce, and hopefully she didn’t mention Dave Kingman.

• I’m not as excited about the Fox Action Block (FAB) as I was last season. I am excited about the half hour of everything that’s wrong with Los Angeles (ETWWLA), which follows the FAB on MTV. The Hills is so very very good, and I’m not sure who I would get more excited to see than Spencer. He could be the worst person in the history of the world, and the season’s not even over.

• I could run a sub-5.5 40 yard dash. I’m telling you I could. I’ll video this soon.

Corndog got a PS3. The real tragedy is that I won’t be able to give him three months to play NCAA before I arrive and beat him consistently at it, at which point he’ll decide that he’s sick of the game. In all fairness, he did beat me in Boise, but I blame the altitude.

• I like bulletpoints.

Buenas Noches.