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Sweatin’ Bullets

July 8, 2008

Hm, I’m posting. Odd.

• I just got back from shooting an episode in Eugene at the Olympic Trials. I was sort of thrown and off my game during my first attempt to shoot because I sometimes clam up when trying to stop people to talk to them as they seem to be walking somewhere. It still feels a little strange. I’m totally cool with interrupting people’s tailgates, but the walking around thing still gets me.

Anyway, Eugene was a good time – I ate what I wanted to (Glenwood, Newman’s, Broadway), saw some folks I haven’t in awhile (K Diddy, Casey Dean Doolin, Sully, Tony) and hung out with some of Sully’s people as well. Good times all around. I won’t bore you with too much else, especially since I’m guessing you’re beyond thrilled that I’m even writing in the first place. Try not to wet yourself.

• The Dodgers are not very good at baseball and yet are in or around (depending when you read this) first place. Wha? Ned Colletti appears to be somewhat inept, but I can’t quite blame him for injuries, can I? Can I?

• It appears that Corndog is coming down for the weekend in a couple of weeks. If you’d like to see a tall dude, who is probably pale from a long Boise winter, char in LA, please do alert me.

• Casey Dean Doolin convinced Sully, K Diddy, and myself to climb Spencer Butte in Eugene after playing basketball for awhile. Hm, mistake for the ol’ every muscle in my body.

• I’ve been boogie boarding a good amount and can honestly say that I’m slightly less intimidated by bigger waves to the point where I consider myself to be slightly beyond “beginner.”

• My turkey chili recipe is coming along quite nicely. We’re still in development, but things are looking up.

Weeds has been surprisingly good, I hope Albert Brooks isn’t done. It’s always good to have an older Jew on TV accuse everything that isn’t Jewish of being Nazi-related. Fun times.

• I finally played Wii in Eugene and my results were as follows:

Wii Bowling w/K Diddy – Tie, Win
Wii Tennis w/K Diddy – Six straight wins


• Saw a screening for The Year One tonight with Yackie. I really did want to like it – good cast, good creative minds behind it, interesting premise, but really, it’s super-slow and completely hit and miss. Oops.

• The fantasy squad (Tepid Weiners), after nine straight wins, have dropped two straight. I’m still pretty confident, but the Weins needs to pick it up. Heh, pick it up. That’s what she said. What?

• I’ve been looping the Motion City Soundtrack acoustic EP pretty regularly. I’m still a sucker, but not nearly as emo as I probably thought I was.

• I got a PS3 and have been chugging along on the World Tour mode of Virtual Tennis 3. It takes some time, but I’ve been rocking the challenger circuit pretty hard. Yea, that last sentence is probably as nerdy as this post will probably get. NCAA ’09 in a week!

• Looks like another move shortly. Bleh.

I’m gonna go watch some Guy Fieri and pass out. Word.

Back soon?



May 31, 2008

• I’ve been back for a couple weeks almost.
Iron Man is really good, Indiana Jones slightly above average.
• I still have more pictures to post on Foul Balls.
Dave has done a fairly outstanding job of cleansing himself.
• My job wasn’t too shabby either.
• The Dodgers are allergic to scoring runs.
• My turkey chili is bomb-ass.
• The fantasy squad (Tepid Weiners) is rolling hardcore.
• The Lakers are considerably better than your favorite basketball team.
• I’m about to eat brunch at some fancy place.
• I like some of the new Weezer songs.
• I had a great dinner of Indian food last night. Keema Aloo!
O.G. is moving to Chicago. There goes my Indonesian demographic.
• Omaha in two weeks.
• We need to go back to the island! *mind blown

The above was another emo post.

Foul Balls

May 5, 2008

Hello. A quick announcement – tomorrow I leave for Virginia to help Charlottesville’s Most Trusted Sports Anchor move out of his apartment and drive back across the country (slowly) in a Penske moving truck. We’re stopping along the way at various major (and possibly minor) league ballparks and filming the whole thing.

(Also stopping along the way to film an piece)

Anyway, we’ll be trying to update daily (I know, not exactly my strongest suit) with blogs, videos, and photos from the road. I’m not exactly sure how corporate or non-corporate it will be, but at this point, it appears we won’t hold much back. I will promise this: there will be minimal taint…at most.

This will all be appearing at Get it? See? Hilarity has already ensued.

Basically, it’ll be Dave (his name!) and I bored on the road, doing poor cannonballs in hotel pools, eating terribly, taking years off of our respective lives via food intake, and trying to get on TV at baseball games. I can’t imagine that anybody that reads this out of anything but boredom, so it’ll be right up your collective alleys. All 14 of you.

Anyway, if you feel so inclined, tell your friends, cousins, and possibly-bipolar neighbors.

(because it has both baseball terminology and an allusion to smelly testicles right there in the title!!)



June 26, 2007

I have a headache, so this post is being brought to you with a healthy dose of adversity, perseverance, and dare I say, heroism.

• My initial idea four minutes ago was to live blog the Shaq weight loss show. The opening sequence previewing the show looked too good to pass up, but after watching the first couple minutes, I realized that I’d probably be too big of a dick to make fun of overweight kids. It even came as a shock to me that I have a line.

Anyway, at some point in the show, Tyler Florence makes an appearance, which I’m sure is in good intentions, but it’s tough to get over the fact that he’s the milf hunter (Food 911) and gigantic sell-out (Applebee’s). For what it’s worth, His contribution in the opening sequence was comparing fast food to prison food. Uh.

It’s too easy to make fun of Shaq, on account of him showing up overweight to almost every training camp he attended as a Laker (and this past year in Miami), so I’ll abstain.

James Loney could single-handedly make the Dodgers enjoyable to watch this summer. Not even a couple hours ago, he hit a baseball that cleared the outfield fence. This act looked vaguely familiar, but nothing I’m at all used to seeing this year. I’ve never purchased one of those overpriced Dodgers jersey t-shirts, but I’m as close as I’ll ever be with Loney. Woo.

Sully moved away to Redondo Beach because he says it will be an easier commute for his work. Personally, it sounds like an excuse. Some popular theories that have been floating around on some underground blogs include:

1. He needed to be reasonably far from where I was recognized (with him in tow) in the local Ralph’s.
2. He couldn’t handle the everyday rigors of living with somebody as recognizable and socially important as myself.
3. His unorthodox meals of raw oats and applesauce are looked down upon by the more civilized members of society. Redondo Beach is far less evolved.
4. THe positions and locations of him inexplicably passing out made his roomates and neighbors increasingly uncomfortable (see above).
5. He killed a guy here and needed to lay low. They’d never find him in Redondo, due to the rampant lawlessness and chaos. (most popular theory)

• I got suckered into watching My Life on the D-List, the Kathy Griffin reality show on Bravo where she repeatedly tries to top how much she can shamelessly promote herself. Some say she and I have a lot in common, but they’d be wrong. Sully.

Anyway, it’s essentially an hour of her trying to get into Us Weekly, trying to put herself into situations where she’s around famous people, and then telling stories in her act about how horrible famous people are. It’s a completely dishonorable way to make a living, but whatever, it’s entertaining.

• I watched Sicko. The message was unquestionably important, but certain facts were sort of glossed over and ignored. B+.

Lasorda’s Lesbos entered their second week at their rightful place atop the fantasy baseball standings. My situation is not unlike the events at the end of The Lion King.

• The Lakers might get KG. If it happens, start saving now for Laker tickets!

• The Oregon basketball DVD is disappointing. It’s almost as if Joe Giansante was waiting for an implosion that never happened so he wouldn’t have to make the DVD. It seems thrown together and organized. I’ve never heen a huge fan of blurry, zoomed-in TV coverage to escape paying for the rights.

Yackie got bombed at her own graduation party. She didn’t really embarrass herself, but she didn’t really not embarrass herself either, if that makes sense.

• I literally just received this email message: “ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER would like to be added to your MySpace friends list.” Hmm, seems a bit off.

Time to Advil up.

My Rightful Place (temporary)

June 18, 2007

Not gonna lie, it just feels right.