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Wha? Monday Bullets?

December 17, 2007


You got it Chachi. You got it.

• I’m watching House right now and it’s pretty good. Hugh Laurie is fairly strong but I’m not so crazy about the supporting cast. I guess it’s pretty much the Cleveland Cavaliers of the Fox drama department.

• Last night, I went back to Don Antonio’s (yes, the Don Antonio’s) with Yackie, Sully, and KtL. Last time we went was the day UCLA embarrassed themselves in the Final Four this past March. Sully wound up likewise embarrassing himself when he got conquered by the Chicken Super Burrito ($10.75). Fast forward to yesterday, all remained similar (save for Yackie getting an enchilada this time) and Sully managed to at least stay awake through dessert, albeit in a pompous, over-the-top fashion. I have no idea if he fell asleep during the car ride home with KtL, and I don’t know if we’ll ever know. God Speed, Sully, God Speed.

Oregon lost to Nebraska. Tajuan Porter, had an unreal game, but couldn’t make a free throw. I don’t like where this season is heading if the Ducks can’t make defensive stops, hit free throws, and get controlled play from the point guard position, they’ll be sixth-ish in the Pac-10 instead of second-ish, where they should be. Blech.

• Had a downright tasty lunch with old buddy RPT (she’s not old, although I’m pretty sure older than I am), visiting from Portland. I ate with her and her friends she was visiting at Canter’s. It was pretty uneventful (I went with the standard CB Sand), other than a fire truck and ambulance sitting outside the restaurant to take somebody away. Not all that surprising – Canter’s skews anything but young.

Andrew Bynum‘s arms look to be about nine feet long. He looks to be pretty good at basketball. Woo.

• It’s college football recruiting season, which, of course, brings out the recruiting uber-nerd in me. I won’t go into any detail that will at some point incriminate me (and there are many far worse than I), but the Ducks’ class appears to be coming together quite nicely. You’re bored, I’m moving on.

American Gangster is pretty good, not great, though.

• The season two highlight reel of the CFTG I believe should be up on SI and my site in the near future. You won’t believe all the nudity, A-list celebrities, and rampant drug use that’s included. Mostly because it’s not in there.

• The season four Lost trailer looks awesome. Crazy Asian guy from Uncle Junior’s nursing home on The Sopranos? Check. The guy who played Eugene from Eugene, OR from Rescue Dawn? Check. More of the Jack beard? Check. I’m jazzed. Ok, I’ll never say “jazzed” again.

• I just downloaded the CTU phone ringing sound as a new ringtone for my iPhone. I won’t lie, I’m pretty excited.

More later this week. Yes….more!!


Hey Y’all

May 30, 2007

Hello. I was out of town this past weekend to do some work back east (more to come on this) but I’m back now, so all order will now be restored to the world.

• I just ate at City Wok (get it??) with Sully. They didn’t give us enough lettuce cups for our lettuce wraps, so I had to go ask for more lettuce – there’s a first time for everything. The standard orange-y chicken there is good but spicy. I almost died when a a piece of pepper got lodged in my throat. Sully then got a Jamba Juice while becoming increasingly worried that KtL will soon begin dating Richard Krajicek. I had a ridiculously generous $1 scoop of Rite Aid ice cream.

• The NBA Playoffs are still going on. I’m pretty sure the first round began in mid-January.

• Every American male was eliminated at the French Open in the first round. While embarrassing, it pales in comparison to the egg that Sully apparently laid at a tennis club in the ‘Mento this past weekend.

• Last week, I went and saw the Dodgers beat the Brewers. The positives include Saitomania continuing to sweep Chavez Ravine and the negatives include my inaugural garlic fries sweeping across my gastrointestinal system for 8-10 hours. I’ll announce in this very space the next time I plan to go to Dodger Stadium so that my widespread readership can collectively purchase Tums stock in record amounts.

• I found a site that detailed the Lost finale a few days before it aired and couldn’t resist reading it. It was all correct, but the finale was amazing nonetheless. There will supposedly be flash-forwards and flash-backs next year, which will be interesting/wreak havoc on my below-average comprehension skills.

Big Daddy Eisner was once again held in the “love dungeon” over the weekend. The man has both given love a chance and apparently given love-nesting a chance. Kudos.

• I don’t know how it happened, but all of the sudden I noticed that I had become wildly addicted to Run’s House. Last night I found out that this week’s episode was the season finale and became inexplicably disappointed and anxious. This is a problem.

See you at Sully’s Super Sweet 23.

Viernes Bullets

May 18, 2007

• TV shows are winding down, which means that I can devote more time to the Dodgers as they inevitably will rise to their probable lead in the NL West, then will go completely cold and possibly pull out (barely) the division in September. I’m pretty sure Jason Schmidt served me lunch today, I’m not sure what else he could’ve possibly been doing.

• I didn’t mention it last week, but I’ll lump it in with this week’s episode – Lost has gone and completely redeemed itself a la Lloyd Christmas. Sure, plot points are being added left and right, but I’m ok with that so long as something actually happens. Oh, and there’s no way Locke is going anywhere. After episodes, I usually check a Lost message board to see if there was anything I missed, and if you care, the screen grabs of what Jacob looks like are essentially Locke with hair. Anyway, after this week’s episode, I went online to look and somebody had posted that somebody else correctly wrote out a synopsis of both this week’s episode and the finale a few days before it aired (this week). I couldn’t resist and I read about the finale. I’m a weak, weak man, but it should be a gamechanger.

The Office had its finale (hr long) last night, and despite what Sully may think and tell you, it was really good. Sully wanted more closure, but I’m not sure he fully gets that shows generally need to finish seasons open-ended. His reaction as the episode ended didn’t really ruin it for me, as I am able to separate the negative from what’s going on on-screen. Ryan in charge of Michael Scott next year will be excellent, and so long as they play everything right with Jim-Pam (Jam? Pim? Pamjim?), the show should remain the best network comedy.

• I’m still working on leftover peanuts from Monday’s game.

• There could possibly be an NBA Eastern Conference playoff game on right now. I’m not the one to ask.

ESPN Mobile is back in some sort of new incarnation. Yawn.

• What’s the score of the Red Wings game? Heard this on the radio today, pretty funny.

• I’ve got a bunch of pictures from beautiful, scenic West Lafayette that I’ll get up soon. Included are shots of my first/last time eating at a Cracker Barrel. It was good to see the little brother graduate, but he has officially lost food recommendation privileges. The Cracker Barrel reference is a hint.

• I like Lupe Fiasco, partly because I like saying “Lupe Fiasco.”

• Good lunch today with Yosh Jackman. If you’re not using soft Js in your everyday conversations, I’m afraid that you’re so very 2002.

• Big Daddy Eisner fired off some guns yesterday. I’m trying to make a dirty pun out of this, but he really did go to a shooting range after his finals. I’m not sure if this bodes well or not for his grades or for Los Angeles County.

• I saw my new neighbor today. I didn’t talk to him but I already hold a grudge, mostly because nobody will ever replace the possibly ex-KGB guy whose name sounds sort of like “arachnophobia,” so that’s what we called him. I’ll miss him and his crazy, militant Tevas.

I’m gonna go listen to Koufax and have a handful of peanuts. I mean this literally, sorry.

Bullet Train

April 25, 2007

• Well then, maybe the Lakers don’t have a shot. Of course if they win tomorrow, I’ll probably start all over again in my ridiculous claims that the Lakers have a shot. I’m clearly insane and delusional.

• The Dodgers are now tied (after losing two in a row) for the best record in baseball. Jason Schmidt looks (so far anyway) to be a terrible signing and Randy Wolf seems to be a brilliant one. Big Daddy Eisner, with his cryptic ties to the West Hills Baseball underground, probably could’ve told you this all along.

• Speaking of which, if you happen to see BDE, please give him my salutations. I’ve written songs, haikus, and some free form poetry that I hope to premiere on Def Poetry Jam on the topic of how Sully and I can possibly free BDE from what appears to be a love dungeon. This post will of course make no sense to anybody, so I’ll end the ridiculous inside-joke theater here. Just let it be known, that BDE is giving love a chance, and we’ll leave it at that. Hi Nicole!!

• And because of broadcast fairness rules, let it be known that Sully will be invading Ventura County for a brief overnight of romance and pulled pork, not necessarily in that order.

The Sopranos was great again. It’s kind of nerve-wracking just looking at the schedule and seeing only five episodes left. So far this year has been really good, but it needs to get great soon. There has only been a sprinkling of what makes the show good: bloodbaths, whores, therapy, unintentionally hilarious mafia captains, and state-run mental facilities. Uncle Junior writing a letter to Dick Cheney begging for release because he, out of everyone, should know the dangers of a gun accidentally misfiring. One of the funniest moments on TV of the year.

Entourage lasted about 9 minutes before the credits. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing that this show always seems like it’s ending too soon, but even on the average, slower episodes, it seems like the credits come out of nowhere. On one hand, it’s good because it gets you instantly into the story and never lags on all that much, but on the other hand, doesn’t this mean that the pacing is terrible? There’s really no natural arc, nothing gets resolved, and the show usually ends (like this past week with the threat of seeing Carla and her Guginos) right at the high point. I’m so confused by this, but whatever, the show’s still great, and Artie Lange’s on next week, so it’ll probably get even better.

• The Oregon Football Spring Game is Saturday. I went to one of these with Tony, Corndog, and this insane girl that Tony was in love with a few years ago. One would think watching a football team you love in a scrimmage at Autzen would be fun and a good way to pass the time in the dead area between basketball and football seasons, but really, it’s confusing, boring, and you can’t at all follow the procedures. I’ll be fine reading the wrap-ups while I decompose watching the NFL Draft.

• Speaking of which, I’ll be decomposing while watching the draft on Saturday. It always starts out exciting, and then I just devolve into me yelling for old men in front of phones to just make the call. The 49ers have eight picks in the first four rounds, so for my little brother’s sake (even though he’s a Husky) I’ll tune in out of curiousity. Maybe ESPN can get Stephen A. to join the broadcast, at least for the cheesy doodles (below).

Hot Fuzz is a recommended movie. I saw it with my parents and Jackie. My mom and Jackie hated it. My dad and I loved it. It’s a lot of guns, a lot of action movie jokes and references, a lot of crazy Brits, and a swan. Also, there are (at my count) two UK Office cast members involved, Martin Freeman (the guy that played Tim, who’s the original Jim), and Stephen Merchant (co-creator and super-tall awkward guy).

• The Shia LeBouf episode of SNL had a really good digital short. Go waste time.

• If you know, please tell Sully where celebrities grocery shop. He needs to know and will go to great lengths to see anybody remotely known in a produce section.

• New Lost tonight. Prediction: something unexpected will happen that doesn’t really move the plot forward, but it’ll be interesting enough for me to keep watching. I’m really such a sucker.

Sheryl Crow cleared the air but her wanting to limit me to one square of toilet paper in the bathroom. Even still, Sheryl Crow clearly has never eaten at Tommy’s.

And with a good ol’ fashioned two-fer reference, I’m out.

Homeboy Phone Home

April 11, 2007

Hey guess what? Ernie Kent will be back next year and every year thereafter until at least 2012*.

*unless of course he quits or gets fired.

I’ve always been sort of back and forth – happy when things are good, disappointed when things are down (so I clearly have a credible opinion), but you have to give the extension when he gets a program to two Elite Eights in five years. It puts the Ducks with a little over a dozen other teams and it would’ve been beyond difficult to let a guy go after this year’s success, as well as convince a new coach that his job won’t always be in danger, no matter the success. So that’s that.

• The finale of Friday Night Lights was good, albeit predictable and somwhat cliched. They pulled out all the stops (including both a trick play AND a slow clap). That said, it’s still solidly in the ol’ Top 5. They key to this show, if you’re planning on catching up, is to suspend all disbelief and all that you know logically know to be true about football. There are endless inconsistencies and situations that are not at all dealt with realistically, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s entertaining, they talk football broadly, but at the same time, accurately enough, it’s well cast, and it just feels like it’s of higher quality than almost every other show. I don’t know, I just like it.

Brett Tomko pitched for the Dodgers last night…and dominated. What?

• Apparently, Don Imus is still alive. Who knew? Funny how when he starts getting accused of being a racist, the cowboy hat mysteriously disappears. Every now and then I’ll flip to MSNBC when he’s on, and honestly, I catch only about one of every nine words. It’s amazing that people can hear through the warbling.

• I’ve been voting for Sanjaya, but just after I know the show’s over. Of course, now I find out that there’s some girl who’s getting increasingly naked(er) every week. The face leaves something to be desired, but wow am I gonna miss her all of the sudden.

The other thing I noticed last night is that four of the songs sung last night weren’t the same song. Isn’t it sort of insulting to Latin music that it can only be represented by Gloria Estefan? Sure, it’s good for her and her jet-ski enthusiast husband, but nobody in 20 years is going to know what the hell you’re talking about if you reference the Miami Sound Machine.

• I need a haircut.

• I haven’t seen 24 in two weeks and I’m not even itching for it at all. Sully and Big Daddy Eisner seem interested, but ehhhhhhhh.

• Eisner wants one of those colorful poofy hoodies that your favorite hip-hopper wears. If you know of where to get one inexpensively, please alert me immediately.

• Just in case it needs clarification, I have my regular phone AND my homebody phone. I hope this clears everything up.

I’m in need of mental preparation before tonight’s Lost. I must prepare myself to be both intrigued and disappointed all at the same time. Such is life when you’re a shot caller, such is life.