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King of Sa-wing

February 28, 2008

So I’m not generally the type of person to get starstruck. I’ve seen famous people. Fine, whatever. There is, however, a pantheon of Rubenstein Idols that do get me all googly moogly. Until today, I’ve only met one. I met Conan around four years ago in New York roaming the streets like the giant he is. It was awesome, he talked to me for a minute and I took a picture with him. I would’ve been less excited to see people far more famous than he is, but who cares about seeing George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston? I have nothing to say to them. I don’t admire them in any sort of meaningful way. Bleh.

The Rubenstein Idols looks somewhat this (no order):

David Letterman
Conan O’Brien
Jon Stewart
Larry David
Jerry Seinfeld
Ricky Gervais
Howard Stern
Pete Sampras
John Stockton
Kobe Bryant
Mike Bellotti

If I saw any of these people, I’d make an effort to try to speak with them (at least briefly) just to know that I have for my own ego and self-worth.

Today I went to the local driving range to hit some balls and relax (because life is clearly stressful enough to allow me to golf on a Thursday at 11:30 am). I pay for the bucket, walk onto the range, and BOOM, Pete Sampras. I slowed my walk down considerably, took it all in, and started sweating like a pig.

I made my way to a driving stall (with a view of him), and hit for about 40 minutes, watching the King of Swing out of one eye.

He was being videotaped by two coaches giving him a lesson and took a long, long time. I knew there was probably no way I’d ever see him again, so I decided to wait around like I was waiting for somebody or something that I was expecting. I tried to eat a grilled cheese sandwich, which turned out to be awful (mixture of cheese and nacho cheese between bread), and threw it away pretty quickly.

After about 45 minutes of waiting he finished up (used one club the ENTIRE time). I had a strategic location (right by the door he had to use to leave), and as he approached, I said, “Hey Pete, I’m a big fan,” to which he replied, “Thanks, man.”

I’ll sum it up like this: I exchanged pleasantries this afternoon with Pete Sampras and you most likely did not. Boom.

Taken from the dPhone.