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Hey, I have a computer again.

February 27, 2007

• Can’t say it’s fun to have your power supply fry up and not have a computer for two days. Luckily it all seems better now. I was almost sure I was going to drop my computer in the middle of the mall on my way to the Apple Store. Now that it’s sitting safely on my desk receiving this blog post, I can say with about 92% certainty that I won’t drop it.

• This past weekend was Ventura with Yackie (this is how it sounds when I say her name now, I’m going with the soft Js and there’s little you can do to stop me), where I rode a funny looking four-wheeled low bike, drank some beer, watched Oregon beat those damn dirty dogs on giant flat screen in a sports bar (Yackie complained zero times, not counting the complaints re: the price of mixed drinks), saw some whales after getting kind of queasy, ate some In N Out, and drove back. All in all, it was eventful, and there’ll be captioned pictures shortly.

• I’m writing a short thing for Deadspin about Oregon basketball for their NCAA Tournament Preview (as you may have seen young Charlie Vidal mention in the comments). That should be up Sunday, maybe Monday, who knows. For reading and commenting on this site, though, Charlie Vidal is both a gentleman and a scholar.

Tommy Lasorda was named by a madam to be a client in her hooker ring. I’m skeptical, disgusted, and curious all at the same time. Hopefully he didn’t mention pasta sauce, and hopefully she didn’t mention Dave Kingman.

• I’m not as excited about the Fox Action Block (FAB) as I was last season. I am excited about the half hour of everything that’s wrong with Los Angeles (ETWWLA), which follows the FAB on MTV. The Hills is so very very good, and I’m not sure who I would get more excited to see than Spencer. He could be the worst person in the history of the world, and the season’s not even over.

• I could run a sub-5.5 40 yard dash. I’m telling you I could. I’ll video this soon.

Corndog got a PS3. The real tragedy is that I won’t be able to give him three months to play NCAA before I arrive and beat him consistently at it, at which point he’ll decide that he’s sick of the game. In all fairness, he did beat me in Boise, but I blame the altitude.

• I like bulletpoints.

Buenas Noches.